Saturday, May 5, 2012

Book 2

Well, Shy is well on his way to Camp Lac Igam for summer 2. I have started the book and my tenative launch date is September 1. I have the rough outline and 2 chapters completed. A new character is introduced in this book. His name will be Moriarty... the boys will call him Morrie for short. He is a professor of Folklore and Mythology during the school year, and is an evil character in this book... one of the prime obstacles that the boys will need to overcome this summer. Can anyone guess how I came up with the name Moriarty for this character? No cheating by using Mr. Google, or Mrs. Wikipedia.....

My working title for book 2 is: The Huldra Hostility. What is a Huldra? To answer that, you should read book 1, The Fossegrimen Folly!

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